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Unwelcome house calls: Arizonans complain about Medical Debt Collectors
Denver-area Debt Collection Company shut down for Deceptive, Illegal Practices
The IRS has hired a Debt Collector that is being sued by the Government
Defaulting on Some Student Loans gets more Costly
SquareTwo Financial Corp files for Chapter 11
Phoney Lawsuits: A Federal Law Is Giving Litigious People A New Income ...
CFPB would lose Powerful Legal Weapon under Republican Plan
FTC appoints New Acting Director of Consumer Protection

Consumer Alert: Beware of Variations on IRS Impostor Scam
Collection Call Con takes New Twist
FTC returns Funds to Debt Collection Scheme Victims
Fraud and Scam Seminar set for Elders
BBB Scam of the Week: IRS giving a Written Notice to Taxpayers
Beware of Unfamiliar Callers with these Area Codes
Imposter Scams Bypass Identity Theft for First Time
IRS Plan to use Private Collection could help Scammers

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Navient Lawsuit challenges Student Loan Bankruptcy Laws
Supreme Court decides that Payments under Structured Dismissals of ...
Supreme Court's Jevic Decision lays out Ground Rules for Parties seeking to ...
Centennial Debt-Collection Company files for Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy Filings dropped 6 Percent in 2016
Gander Mountain files Chapter 11 with DIP Commitment from Wells Fargo
Neiman Marcus to explore Restructuring $4.9 Billion Debt
Difference between Chapter 7, Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

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Debt Collectors target Wrong Person for Wage Garnishment
Officials express Satisfaction with Agency's Collection of Court Fines
FTC announces Settlement with Municipal Debt Collector over Alleged ...
Two Debt Collectors won't raise Fees for Defaulted Borrowers
Massive Dun & Bradstreet Database leaked Online
Settlement reached with Paralegal accused of Defrauding Customers
Collection Agency persists in recouping Debt despite Mistake
What You need to know about Old Debts

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TCPA Defendant awaits Application of Pa. Decision to N.J. Serial Plaintiff
Vermont Lawyer Jean Murray takes on the Debt Collection Industry
State AGs ask Supreme Court to Spark Major Expansion to Scope of ...
Mafia Reference in Racketeering Lawsuit used to lure Reporters, Accused ...
TCPA Attorney Sergei Lemberg calls Forbes' Robocall "Racketeering" Article ...
HANGUP Act to cut down on Collection and Agency Calls
28 State AGs file Amicus Brief with Supreme Court in Debt Collection Case
CFPB Lawyering Up, also requesting Input on Credit Availability; Lender ...

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BillingTree ARM Industry Survey reveals Adoption of Online Portals Top ...
Centrelink #RoboDebt just pissed off the Wrong Data Scientist
Progress from Data Reporting to Data Analytics
FCC cracks down on Annoying Robocalls
Mazume Solutions announces New Capabilities in its SaaS Credit ...
PrivacyStar 3.0 App delivers Scam Blocking and Caller ID
ACA International's Latest White Paper argues the CFPB paints an Unfair ...
CFPB wants to know how 'alternative data' changes Credit Score

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Banks and Credit Card Companies really hate Class-action Lawsuits
New Data Highlights Errors on Credit Reports
Your Credit Score might soon get a Free Boost
CFPB Monthly Report returns its Focus to Credit Reporting
CFPB initiates Third CARD Act Review
CFPB flags New Issues in Latest Credit Card Review
Best Egg exceeds $3 Billion in Personal Loans with Focus on Debt ...
It's important to Understand and Manage Your Credit Score

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Debt Buyers can bleed Student Borrowers dry
Payday Loan Company Wonga breached
Auto Loan Delinquencies Surge to $23.27 Billion
California Lawmaker proposes to curb High-Interest Loans
Goldman Sachs, Fannie Mae's Biggest Buyer of Non-Performing Loans
New Regulations may be coming for Consumer Loans in Ohio
Auto Loan Debts grew by more than 8 Times Population Growth
MA AG joins Amicus Brief over Debt Collection Law

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In Some Places, Average is a Failing Credit Score
New Professional Debt Review and Personal Finance Website launches
Impostor Scams outpace Identity Theft Cases, FTC finds
Brave New World 2.0: Lending in the Age of President Trump
Compliance Rules for Out-of-State Garnishments
Mitigate Consumer Litigation rrisk by watching the FTC: Five Good Reasons
Do Tax Payments affect Your Credit?
From Collector: A Conversation About Compliance

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Debt Collector faces FDCPA Suit over Unclear Letter
Misstated Summons did not create FDCPA Violation
Preserve Rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
FTC Settlement halts allegedly Abusive Practices by Company collecting ...
Upromise fined $500,000 by FTC for Violating Data Collection, Usage
FTC Acting Chairman Ohlhausen names Thomas Pahl Acting Director of the ...
Debt Collector granted Summary Judgment in FDCPA Case
Atlanta is the Most Robocalled City in the U.S., Study says

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DeVos discontinues Obama-era Student Loan Protections
Suits say Lender duped Students to fuel Growth
Student Loan Defaults may grow Pricier as Fees rise
What actually happens when You Default on Your Student Loans
Department of Education lifts Limits that protect Student Loan Borrowers
Student Loan Creditor off the hook for Third Party Collectors' TCPA Violations ...
Tackling the Student Loan Default Debt Crises Head On
Senate Democrats seek Answers about a Trump Higher Ed Task Force

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Ontario passes Legislation to put Consumers First
Judgment doubles Burnaby Man's Student Loan Debt
Centrelink Debt Collectors threatened to Seize Wages, Inquiry told
Vulnerability: a Guide for Debt Collection, 21 Questions, 21 Steps
Industry Professionals converge in Las Vegas for ACA's Spring Forum
How Canada's Biggest Banks have become Complicit in the Housing Bubble
Beware the Greek bearing Lessons
Residents are being Warned about the Tactics of Some Doorstep Lenders

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2nd Cir. holds Payoff Statement stating 'Amount Due May Include' Estimated ...
7th Cir. rejects Borrower's Claims against Mortgagee, Other Parties under ...
Maryland High Court holds Defendant waived Arbitration by filing Collection ...
ACA Unit Leaders respond to Debt Collection Complaint Data released in ...
Tucson Court's Collection Change leads to Thousands of Vehicle ...
ACA International files Legal Brief in Pivotal D.C. Circuit Case challenging ...
US District Court weighs in on Madden v. Midland Funding Remand
Fla. App. Court rules Florida's Notice of Assignment of Debt does not apply ...

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