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Debt Collectors Can't Pay 
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Creditors Rights 
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The CLLA Attorney Role in 
the Hunter Warfield Debt ...

 Bankruptcy and 
Creditors Rights

WebRecon Consumer 
Litigant Scrub Process

Should I buy Life Insurance to 
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 TFA - Skip Tracing Tip #16
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"Advanced Collection 
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Consumer Advocates urge FCC to keep Ban on Robocalls
2016 Year in Review: FDCPA Down, FCRA & TCPA Up
The Nations' Biggest Student Loan Processor Navient Busted
Supreme Court to hear Santander debt collection dispute
FCC denies Exemption under TCPA for Mortgage Servicers
CFI's FDCPA Educational Grant Increased to $100,000!
DeVry University Students to Benefit from $100 Million FTC Settlement
A St. Louis Suburb Jailed nearly 2,000 People for not Paying Fines

How to Safeguard Yourself against Medical Identity Theft
Attorney General alerts Consumers to New Scam
Fake "FTC investigation" Email making the rounds again
Protecting Yourself against Identity Theft and Actions for Recovery
For ID Theft Victims, 'Re-loaded' Debt can be a Recurring Headache
Fraud Scheme exposed Private Info of 10,000 People, Prosecutors Allege
DHS supports Technology to Enhance Internet Authentification
Victim of Loan Modification Scams

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Notable Business Bankruptcy Rulings of 2016
Culleton 'unfocused, bombastic' in Bankruptcy Trial
U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge OKs $425 million for Avaya Loan
Bankruptcies fall to 10-year low, but Tennessee still leads Nation in going Broke
Student Victims seek to become Creditors in ITT Bankruptcy
CFPB files SCOTUS Amicus Brief in FDCPA Case on filing Bankruptcy Proof ...
Debtors who misuse Collateral can lose the Benefit of Discharging Their Debt ...
Proposed Amendments to the Bankruptcy Code could adversely affect ...

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Debt Collector pleads Guilty to defrauding Lee, Collier HOAs
Nebraska Lawmakers to take on Debt Collectors
Supreme Court to decide whether Financing Company collecting Debts is a ...
Debt Collector's Illegal, Aggressive Tactics result in Jail Time
How to Deal with a Tricky Debt Collection Agency
International Recovery Systems, Others accused of Violating Law in ...
Man alleges Debt Collectors sent Letter to Incorrect Address so He wouldn't ...
6 charged in Debt Collection Fraud Scheme

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Santander Consumer USA TCPA Violations
Pepper Hamilton denies Debt Collector Status in FDCPA Suit
Supreme Court Divided over Debt Collection Dispute
New Jersey Federal Court holds Debtor did not have Standing to Bring ...
Hackensack Debt Collector claims Attorneys using Mafia Tactics
This Lawsuit claims Feds needlessly force Disabled Borrowers to lose ...
Delta Account Systems Inc. alleged to have used False Information to ...
Big Law Firm sued Client for $16K in Unpaid Fees

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A 'Parts' Failure leads to Penalties and is 'Unfair,' says the CFPB
TransUnion's Collections Manager Solution now available to Maximise ...
Americans were Bombarded by 29 Billion Robocalls in 2016
Target Group announces Acquisition of Commercial First
10 Best Credit Repair Companies
VIQ Solutions announces Company is Debt Free after Early Repayment of ...
FCC continues TCPA Promotional Campaign
FCC holds Webinar on "How to Deal with Robocalls"

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Delinquency Rates rise on Credit Cards and Auto Loans
John Lewis apologises for Credit Card Log-in Glitch on Its Website
How much do You owe on Your Credit Card and can You pay it off?
Credit Unions not ID'd in CFPB Debt Collection Survey
NerdWallet announces the Best Credit Cards for 2017
CFPB reports 32% Increase in Credit Card Complaints
How a Balance Transfer can increase Your Credit Score
Take these Steps to protect Your Credit Score during the Holidays

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Trusts and Judgment Creditors
CashCall to repay $1.8 Million, forgive $1 Million in Loans after deal with D.C.
U.S. Housing Regulators suspend Plans to cut Mortgage Premiums
Servicers need Clarity on CFPB's View of Private-Label Practices
Know what's involved before Cosigning Loan
DOJ settles with Ohio Banks over Alleged Lending Discrimination
Payday Lender Moneytree agrees to $500K Federal Fine over Deceptive ...
Lenders' Outlook for 2017 Dimming

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Consumer Group Critical of Bill in legislature to restrict Liability Lawsuits
CFPB Representatives to be featured at 22nd Annual PLI Consumer ...
How to stop Robocalls on Your Home Phone and Smartphone
Web Seminar How to Optimize Your Outbound Contact Strategy and improve ...
CFPB releases Report on Student Loan Debt owed by Older Consumers
Consumer Credit Counseling Service suggests 3 Important Financial ...
3 Easy-Does-It Dollars & Sense Personal Resolutions for 2017
7 Money Tips for paying off Big Debt

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Can Sen. Perdue undo CFPB Prepaid Accounts Rule?
Letter Warning of Lien Recordation subject to FDCPA, Ninth Circuit Holds
Antitrust Agencies continue Aggressive Enforcement of the HSR Act
FTC charges Defendants with selling Fake Payday Loan Debt Portfolios
Call Volume alone does not Necessitate a Violation of the FDCPA
Debt Collection Issues at Top of Complaints List from U.S. Consumer Agency
Middle District of Florida defines Settlement Communications allowed under ...
FTC sues Joel Tucker, Brother of Leawood Payday Loan Magnate, for selling ...

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Student Debt Handbook details History of Loans, New Ways to fund Education
Betsy DeVos Ethics Report reveals Ties to Student Debt Collection Firm
Departments of Treasury and Education move to simplify Income Driven ...
AG Healey announces $30 million in Debt Relief for thousands of ...
New Jersey paves way for Student Debt Discharge after Death
Resolve Your Student Loan Default In 2017
Seniors' Social Security Benefits docked over Student Debt
Obama Administration's race to handle For-Profit College Student Debt

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Canadian SRO IIROC gets Mandated to collect Fines directly through Court
HSBC to provide Voluntary Redress for Historical Debt Collection Practices
Thousands of HFC and John Lewis Loan Customers in Line for Compensation ...
Centrelink's Controversial Debt Collection System to undergo Revamp after ...
Payday Lender Dollar for sale as Industry Rules tighten
Payday Loans are capped. Now let's tackle other High-cost Credit
Clampdown on Federal Student Debt leads to Small Bump in Collections
China's Grip on US Debt weakens as its Currency Crumbles

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Judge: Calif. Woman's Class Action can continue vs Debt Collector Harris & ...
Suspended Judge working for City of Montgomery
Ninth Circuit holds that Foreclosure Trustee is not Subject to FDCPA
Federal Court Certifies to the Ninth Circuit the CFPB's Challenge to Alleged ...
Judge found Guilty of violating Ethics Rules
Requesting Attorneys' Fees in Court Summons does not Misrepresent ...
Ninth Circuit affirms Finding that Defendant Trustee was not a "Debt Collector"
NJ Fed. Court holds 18 Calls over Two Weeks - Mostly Unanswered - Did not ...

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